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About ordering

To order:
Please visit our showroomor call 630-833-1733

Q: How much notice do I have to give you for an order?
Our normal turn-around time is 3 - 5 days. However, if you need your order sooner we will do our best to get it done for you.

Q: Do you keep these pieces in stock?
We do have some stock, but many things need to be ordered.

Q: Why does it take so long to get my piece?
Our awards are custom made for you! We may need to order parts or award pieces. Trophy builds, engraving layouts and artwork proofs need to be approved and corrections applied if necessary.

About engraving processes

Sublimation, traditional, laser engraving? What is the difference?

Sublimation is a heat transfer process. This process is ideal as it imprints on metal. This allows you to have a full range of color and images on the metal. We offer this on gold, silver, and white metal. When having it sublimated on gold and silver metal, the gold and silver will show through, which means any white in an image will come out as the gold or silver of the metal.

Traditional is engraving process where a diamond cutter etches directly into the metal. As an extra option, you can choose to have the metal oxidized. This will turn the engraved marks black.

Laser is a system which uses a laser to etch glass, acrylic, or wood. The laser cannot engrave metal. However, we do have metals that have a black coating. The laser will remove the black coating giving you a nice clean engraving.

Including logos and pictures

We can often include your logo or pictures.

You can learn more about artwork here

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