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About Art Work

Here at Viking you can have almost anything on your awards. This includes pictures and your own logo.

When considering artwork for your award here are some questions to ask yourself:
Do I want color?
Where did I get my image?

If your logo or image contains color and you wish to keep those colors, it will limit the type of award you can get.

Engraving on glass, acrylic, plastic and black metal:
Typically when we engrave these pieces we use a laser. When choosing artwork for this, imagine that all the colors of the logo are solid black and white.

For the best quality of lasered artwork we need vector graphics. Here are some file extensions that are acceptable: .cdr, .ai, .esp
We can also accept HIGH QUALITY .jpg .tiff and .png (Note: These files should be files that were originally created in graphics software.

When sending an order containing artwork or specific instructions you should request a proof. This will ensure the best quality piece for you. When receiving a proof, please be sure to look over it carefully and check over all the wording/spelling to make sure it is correct. No piece can be put into production until we have received your approval. All proofs are sent as a .pdf file.

Art FAQ:

Q: How do I get my artwork to you?
You can email it to us or bring in the file on disk or flash drive.

Q: My file is too big to email?
Try zipping your file and sending it. If that does not work try reducing the resolution on hi-res files.

Q: Do I need an email to receive a proof?
For the most part, yes! If you are local, you can come in to approve.

Q: I donít have artwork that meets your requirements?
You can either have us or someone else fix your artwork. For small changes, we will do it at no cost to you. If your logo needs to be redone, we need to charge standard design fees at a rate of $60 per hour.

Q: Why so much money to have a logo redone?
Because you are basically starting from scratch and these are standard graphic design fees for the industry.

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